Solar Arrays On Your Atlanta Home

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Understanding how solar arrays function and produce power is important to know when considering solar energy as a viable option for your energy needs. If you’re thinking about adding a solar array to your Atlanta home, this is how your system will keep your home running.

How Solar Cells Work

When sunlight hits your solar panels, it allows the photons to knock electrons free from atoms. This reaction creates an electrical current that flows to your inverter where it’s converted from direct current to alternating current, the type of electricity that can be used to power your home. 

What Solar Arrays Are Made Of

Your solar arrays are made up of several solar cells, linked together to form a solar panel. These panels are covered with a sheet of glass on the front that protects their inner workings from the elements, as well as a protective backing. 

How Solar Arrays Benefit Your Home

Solar panels offer several major benefits for your home. These are a few of the top reasons why Atlanta homeowners might consider investing in a solar array:

  1. Potentially Save On Electric Bills: By owning your power, you can use less grid electricity, therefore relying less on the utility company and potentially saving you money on your monthly electric bills. These savings could add up over the years, resulting in a potentially substantial long-term return on your solar investment.
  2. Rely Less On The Grid: For most customers, there’s nothing they can do when the grid goes down. However, with a solar system and battery backup, you can produce your own electricity and keep portions of your home running while the power is out.
  3. Potentially Add Value To Your Home: A study from Zillow has shown that a solar panel system can potentially add market value to your home should you choose to sell it. This allows you to benefit from solar energy while you live in your home and even after you’ve moved on!
  4. Participate In Net Metering: If your solar panels produce more energy than you actually use, you may be able to sell it back to the grid in some cases for credit on your future electric bills. That way, even if you rely on the grid at some points, you’re still reaping the benefits of solar energy.

Add Solar Panels To Your Atlanta Home With Pink Energy

Interested in how a solar array could benefit your home long-term? Contact the Pink Energy Atlanta team to learn more! We’d be happy to evaluate your home for solar potential and provide you with our industry expertise.