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Customer-Centered Business
I discovered a customer-centered, private business making it possible for homeowners to make the necessary change to solar energy. I am excited about this opportunity to individually be more energy conscientious. The salesman was knowledgeable and helpful.
– Karen F. – Atlanta, GA
Clear, Friendly Communication
Clear, friendly communication…enthusiasm for customer satisfaction. Everyone with whom I have interacted with has been helpful, gracious and knowledgeable.
– Jean-Jacques C. – Atlanta, GA
Great Experience With Solar and Energy Savings Package
We have begun our journey to have solar energy in our home! The energy efficiency package was installed today. They put in insulation and installed the water heater blanket. We also have new faucet aerators, lightbulbs, and shower heads! We already have a Nest system, but it’s included in the purchase as well. The installation was timely and efficient. They cleaned up after themselves as well! So far we’re thrilled with our experience with this company! Can’t wait to have the panels installed!
– Kara E.
Great Experience, Installed in Two Days
One of the best experience ever, we were able to get our solar system up in 2 days and it’s great! I would definitely recommend! Remy and his team were amazing!!
– Hamadi M.
Fast Installation, Professional Installers
They were delightful to work with. They did everything. Took 2 days to install. Very professional all around.
– George J.
Great Product, No Need for Generator
We just had our solar panels installed, and they look great. [We] lose power too often, and the inconvenience of living in the dark with small children is not an option. We’ve often spoke about having an exterior generator installed on our residential property due to previous blackouts. This particular install is an upgrade because the generator has been replaced with. Wall-mounted battery pack that is conveniently installed in the basement. No more noisy generators keeping us up when then power goes out. Project was affordable and well carried out by a dynamic team of installers from the company’s crew.
– Robert M.
Friendly Crews, Fast Installation
The crew that came out to install the panels were fantastic! Friendly and professional, they double checked to make sure the panel and trench locations were alright with us. Only took them six hours to have everything done.
– Richard R.